Neon Eyeliner Colorful Graphic Eyeshadow Beauty Editorial model Nastya Pindeeva

paint dripping down wall, black and white striped fashion, graphic manicure
redhead model with topknot hair style, black and white accessories
black and white graphic manicure, nails, orange thick cat eyeliner
woman with paint dripping down wall, black and white fashion shoot
black and white manicure, nails, hot pink eyeshadow
neon green eyeliner, black and white fashion accessories, nastya pindeeva model
neon manicure, polka dot nails, redhead beauty photography
neon yellow catliner, black and white fashion accessories
graphic black and white accessories, manicure, neon green eyeliner

Shoot with model Nastya Pindeeva @ New York Models
Photographer: Jamie Nelson
Hair: Ayumi Yamamoto @ Defacto Inc
Makeup: Lottie @ Atelier Management
Nails: Naomi Yasuda
Model: Nastya Pindeeva@ New York Models
Set: Danielle Von Braun @ 1 + 1 Management