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Tanning Bed, Black Light Makeup, Ultraviolet, Glow in The Dark, Fashion Film by Jamie Nelson for Imagine Fashion

Vogue Turkey, Vogue Beauty Editorial Shoot, Pastel Makeup, Wine Stained Lips, Bohemian, model Bekah Jenkins

British Cosmo Disco 70s Hair Shiny Healthy Frizzy Curly Hair, Shoot with model Tassara Vilaca and Sandy Leddin for UK Cosmopolitan

Hair Dyeing Vintage Rollers Hair Salon Pastel Hair- Elle Mexico Elle Beauty Shoot with Models Tehila Rich and Ania Kisiel

Dip Dye Hair Dyeing Roots Pastel Hair Images, Editorial Shoot with Model Tehila Rich and Ania Kisiel

Italian Glamour Glamour Italia Beauty Perfume Parfum Fragrance Shoot, models Vesna Parcina and Daria Plyushko

Blue Fringe Bangs, Blue Tipped Hair, Beauty Hair Editorial Image, Shoot with Model Natalie Hockey

Fishtail Braids Hairstyles Bouffant Pouf, Stylist Magazine UK Models Nell Rebowe, Dinara Chetyrova, Alisa Frolkina, Natalie Hockey